Cross-community Photographic project in Eastwood

Cross-community Photographic project in Eastwood

Clifton Learning Partnership works in the Eastwood and Clifton areas of Rotherham, aiming to give every child and family the best chance to succeed within their communities.

A project idea was sparked when the group became increasingly aware of Eastwood’s being a very ethnically diverse area, and for many older community members these changes have been difficult to come to terms with.

To combat building tension they received funding for an inter-generational, cross-community photographic project to develop cultural understanding and tolerance between 3 groups: migrant Roma young people, older white British adults and Asian adults, culminating in a community exhibition and celebratory event.

The project has been very successful in portraying the area of Eastwood in a more positive way. Many of the photographs taken have displayed the area in a different and progressive lights. Young people were able to portray places they liked being and places that appealed to them.

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